Check your 4×4 suspension in Geelong

August 13 2014

At Geelong 4WD & Camping we like to keep up with news and developments in the world of four-wheel driving and one issue that has kept springing up of late is stories of suspension that has failed.

Struts failing with next to no kilometres on the clock, shockers that won’t stop squeaking, sheared shock mounts, leaking seals, broken leaf springs, shock absorbers that have failed under barely any load – there’s a lot of tales of woe in the world of 4×4 suspension

It’s one of our favourite lines, but your 4×4 suspension is one of the most important parts of your four-wheel drive. It’s your suspension that allows you to drive comfortably on the highway, negotiate rocks, logs and ditches while keeping all four wheels on the ground, helps you carry heavy loads and tow your trailer, caravan or boat. If your suspension isn’t working properly then your four-wheel drive isn’t working properly and dodgy suspension will cause vibrations that lead to other problems and eventually result in a hefty repair bill.

The crew at Geelong 4WD & Camping has years of experience with four-wheel drive vehicles and the wide array of 4WD parts and accessories that keep them on the road, or off the beaten track, if you prefer.

As part of our vehicle servicing we’ll inspect your 4X4 suspension, make sure it is up to scratch, identify problem and recommend solutions.

Quite simply, suspension is too important in the structural integrity of your vehicle to mess around with. It’s a fine line between minor problem and disaster when suspension is involved. What might start as annoying squeak or rub could develop into a life-threatening catastrophe.

So, whether you heading out for the weekend or taking off on the adventure of a lifetime, make sure all the components that make up your suspension are in A1 order, from the springs and shock absorbers, right through to the bushes, pins and U-bolts.

If you have any doubts about your vehicle’s suspension, or would like it checked out by an expert just to be on the safe side, make sure you get in touch with Geelong 4WD & Camping, Geelong and district’s 4X4 suspension experts.

We certainly don’t want you to become the next story about failed suspension.

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