4X4 suspension, Geelong

Few elements of your four-wheel drive vehicle are more important than suspension and at Geelong 4WD & Camping we sell only the best 4X4 suspension equipment.

Your safety and enjoyment are paramount¬†in your off-road adventures and it’s imperative that your 4WD suspension doesn’t let you down when the going gets tough.

Whether it’s springs, shock absorbers or suspension kits, Geelong 4WD and Camping has the full range of off-road suspension gear, including adjustable panhard rods,¬†bushes, pins and U-bolts.

Get in touch with us before you get off the beaten track and make sure your four-wheel drive suspension is up to the job ahead. If you need it, our service team will inspect and repair your suspension.

Geelong 4WD and Camping also specialises in other premium 4WD accessories.

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