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4WD towbars and hitches, Geelong

Just as they are in life, connections are also important in four-wheel driving and one of the most important connections on and off the road is the connection between your vehicle and whatever it is you’re towing.

We’ve all seen news reports about the damage caused by caravans and boat trailers separating from vehicles and you’ve probably laughed at movie scenes where a parting of ways between the towing vehicle and what’s being towed has led to hilarious mayhem.

But in reality there’s nothing funny about the separation of tow vehicle and trailer, boat or caravan and the consequences can be devastating, even fatal.

At Geelong 4WD & Camping our 4X4 parts and accessories include a range of high-quality tried and tested tow bars and hitches to ensure what you’re towing stays connected to your vehicle even over the roughest terrain Australia’s tracks and trails can deliver.

Get in touch with our professional team to find out more about our tow bars and hitches and other 4WD accessories. Our service team can even fit your tow bars and hitches, if you require.

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