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Choosing the right tyres for your four-wheel drive is a decision never to be made lightly and requires careful consideration, particularly consideration about where you do most of your driving.

If you’re somebody who spends most of the time in your four-wheel drive tootling around town or on the highway and only head bush for the occasional weekend adventure, then you probably require highway-terrain tyres. Highway-terrain or HT tyres are probably the right tyre if you estimate you spend 90 percent of your time on the road and only 10 percent of your driving time off road. If nothing else, HT tyres will ensure a comfortable ride on the road and good grip in wet weather.

If you divide your driving time pretty much equally between the road and off-road then all-terrain or AT tyres should be high on your shopping list. AT tyres have the combined benefit of a smooth highway ride and good off-road grip. While HT tyres can have mud build up in the tread and lose their grip off road, AT tyres have tread voids that mud and debris can escape and are a good compromise between performance and comfort. Choose AT tyres if your driving is in the vicinity of 60 percent on road and 40 percent off road.

The last popular tyre choice is one you’d find on the shopping list of drivers in the market for extreme 4X4 parts and accessories. Mud-terrain, or MT tyres are the tyres to choose when you’re really going off road and spend very little time actually on sealed roads.

MT tyres provide the ultimate in traction in extreme muddy conditions but the wide and deep voids that give them their grip can be noisy, particularly when you’re on regular roads, and they have a habit of throwing up rocks and other debris.

Tyre choice really comes down to where you spend the most driving your four-wheel drive. At Geelong 4WD & Camping we’re happy to discuss which tyre best suits your requirements and our service team can fit them for you. Simply get in touch or drop into our Geelong store and our expert team will answer your tyre questions or help you with other items from our range of 4WD accessories and parts.

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