4X4 tents, Geelong

Tents and camping go hand in hand and at Geelong 4WD & Camping we have the perfect tent for your outdoors adventure.

One of our favourite tents is somewhat different from regular camping tents because it doesn’t sit on the ground – it perches high and dry above the ground on the roof of your four-wheel drive.

The Rooftop Tent is the perfect camping solution on numerous fronts – it’s never going to be flooded, that’s for sure – but one of its most appealing features is that is takes just eight minutes to set up.

Made from top-quality waterproof breathable ripstop material and complete with raised climate cover to control the temperature and reduce condensation, the Rooftop Tent is 1.4 metres wide, 2.4 metres long and 1.3 metres high. With a lightweight aluminium insulated floor, 65mm high-density foam mattress, pop-up window awning, flyscreen windows, annex and retractable aluminium ladder, the Rooftop Tent sits inside a waterproof on-car cover, perfectly protected and packed away until you reach your next destination.

Contact Geelong 4WD & Camping to find out more about the Rooftop Tent or any item from our wide range of camping equipment.

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